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Every kg of plastic removed from the planet counts!

Businesses: do your part... without changing anything in your operations!

L'eau bleue

Do you use plastic materials in your operations to sell your products?

Don't wait for people to point fingers at you on social media.

Be proactive by assuming part of your responsibilities and thus promote sustainable development.

Take concrete action for the environment, biodiversity, our children, etc. Beyond the little blue ferry.

Cheap and profitable!

Being eco-responsible is now useful, profitable and enjoyable!


Optimize your image on social networks and proudly display that you are taking concrete actions for the environment!

By fulfilling your environmental responsibilities, you will benefit from a super positive perception from your community, consumers, customers, employees, investors, etc.

Without forgetting your Employer Brand: More than 70% of job seekers are influenced by a company's social and environmental efforts.

Other financial and non-financial benefits.

Image de Pawel Czerwinski
Reducing your plastic footprint is real distinctive marketing, not just “greewashing”!
  • A concrete gesture that goes beyond the blue bin in the cafeteria – a minimal and negligible cost

  • Improved corporate image (community, customers, consumers, financiers, etc.)

  • Improvement of the Employer Brand (> 70% of young people want to work for companies that do more for the environment)

  • Be proactive before the laws and competitors, be one step ahead!

* Possibility of income when selling credits to companies and/or individuals wanting to reduce their plastic footprint (similarities with Tesla and carbon credits).

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Manufacturing companies, hotels, professional service offices (accountants, engineers, surveyors, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, health, etc.).
Manufacturing and sale of food products, retail stores, pharmacies, restaurants, gyms, arenas, etc.

Reducing your plastic footprint = significant financial and non-financial benefits awaiting you.
Powerful marketing.

It could bring in big bucks in the medium term!
In addition to making a noble gesture, you gradually receive CSR plastic credits: digital proof of your commitment and your concrete efforts.
Image de Sean Oulashin
3 strategies for businesses to take concrete and impactful action!
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kg used in your operations

Strategy #1: we calculate with you the number of kg of plastics used to sell your products and services over the course of a year.

You purchase a plastic neutrality package to reduce your plastic footprint (in part, in full or even more!).

A great distinction in people's eyes!

Création sans titre copie.png

The employee footprint

Strategy #2: some service companies have a small plastic footprint but want to contribute by reducing the footprint of their employees...

So everyone gets their hands dirty!

...and why not reduce the footprint of their family members !

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For your customers?

Strategy #3: some companies will even want to reduce their customers' plastic footprint for one or more years.

What a positive image for a minimal investment depending on the nature of your operations.

It's called: "move on to the next one!"

Image de Thomas Vimare

Imagine and design your advertising with “punch”!
You could possibly brag about. ..

  • To be the first company or the first manufacturer or hotel or restaurant or accounting office in the world or in North America or in Quebec or in Montreal or in Estrie, in Beauce, etc. to reduce your plastic footprint and even become plastic neutral!

  • Let people know that you are removing and recycling even more plastic waste than you produce!

  • Imagine being able to tell customers: buy here or celebrate here, we are reducing your plastic footprint!

  • And why not reduce the plastic footprint of your customers, employees and even their family members!

  • Working here: we take concrete actions for the environment..

Become a company proud to contribute concretely to efforts to clean up plastic waste on the planet!

Let's think together about your real and concrete marketing... adapted to your business!
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