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Rarely will such a small book have such an impact on your life. The story of Sylvain Laforest is similar to that of thousands of children violated by life. From reception centers to foster families, these frail people carry the weight of a dysfunctional childhood for years and struggle to get by, until the day the angels intervene.

Several people crossed Sylvain’s path to help him escape the hell of drugs and prostitution. To put him back on the right path and allow him to achieve and teach him how to achieve his big dream of breaking through to the screen. You may have seen it in the Lapointe Dental Centers advertising which aired for several months in prime time on all national networks. We see a serious Sylvain who develops a magnificent smile in a few seconds against a musical background. He literally pierces the screen exactly as he had projected it in his dream.

The author reveals to us what the angels taught Sylvain to make his life a paradise of happiness and allow him to accomplish his deepest dreams. These age-old teachings have been transmitted to us over the centuries by many famous artists and writers and are summarized and popularized here to allow us to easily apply them and realize our most beautiful and greatest aspirations.

“I smile at life and it smiles back!” » You will find this mantra in two different places in the book. Note the pages where it appears and register on our site to find out what surprise awaits you.

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